Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome and Introduction!

    • Why You're Taking This Course

    • The Inside Track

    • What Does it Take to Be a Successful Inventor?

    • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - Download

  2. 2
    • Introduction & Instructions

    • What is Your Invention's Potential?

    • An Example of Expanding Window of Opportunity

    • Evaluating Your Invention's Market Potential

    • Does Your Invention Already Exist?

    • Basic Search Tips for Your Invention

    • Going Deeper with Your Invention Search and Patent Basics

    • Print and Complete Assignment 1

  3. 3
    • Introduction & Instructions

    • Name Your Invention and Make it Real!

    • Introduction to Licensing and Manufacturing

    • What is Licensing and How Do You Earn Royalties?

    • Manufacturing Your Invention and Starting a Business

    • Print and Complete Assignment 2

  4. 4
    • Introduction & Instructions

    • Options to Create a Prototype

    • Protecting Your Idea

    • Tips When Disclosing Your Idea

    • Can You Protect Your Invention

    • Print and Complete Assignment 3

  5. 5
    • Introduction & Instructions

    • Get Ready To Pitch Your Invention

    • Pitching To Direct Response Infomercial Marketers

    • Pitching To Potential Licensees

    • Launch Your Product on Home Shopping Channels

    • Pitching To Catalogs

    • Pitching To Retail Buyers

    • Print and Complete Assignment 4

  6. 6
    • Be Prepared To Pitch!

    • Finding a Potential Licensee

    • What Does It Take To Manufacture Your Product?

    • Finding a Manufacturer

    • Bonus Video - Understanding How Buyers Think

    • Print and Complete Assignment 5

  7. 7
    • Introduction & Instructions

    • Understanding Licensees & Licensors

    • Understanding Manufacturing

    • Marketing for Your Invention

    • Bonus Video - Crowdfunding

    • Print and Complete Assignment 6

  8. 8
    • You've Licensed or Manufactured Your Invention!

    • Reflecting on Your Journey

    • You Are Now Inventor Smart! PLEASE ACCEPT YOUR BADGE!

    • Let's Stay Connected!

Meet your Instructor


Brian Fried

Brian Fried is a serial inventor with many of his inventions reaching audiences through mass retail, As Seen On TV, home shopping channels, catalogs and online retailers through product and brand licensing and manufacturing. He is the author of "Inventing Secrets Revealed" and "You & Your Big Ideas," and has been featured in the media including; New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Newsday, Inventors Digest, CBS News, Food Network and WPIX11. Brian is the host of Got Invention Radio, interviewing high profile guests including the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Lori Greiner from ABC's Shark Tank, and over 150 individual interviews. Brian mentors and represents individual inventors and celebrities at all stages of the invention process, providing feedback, product development, licensing representation and turnkey solutions to make ideas a reality as CEO of his company Inventor Smart. He is considered an authority and advocate for inventors within the invention community and has been requested as a guest speaker on innovation and invention at major trade shows, government agencies, schools and libraries throughout the country. He founded and continues to serve as President of Long Island's Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club, one of the largest in the country. He is the recipient of the Innovator of the Year Award, and Proclamations for his community influence. Brian is also the proud founder of - the first online shop with designs and merchandise created specifically for the inventor community, host of Got Invention Show, host and president of National Inventor Club and inventor of the Paper Towel Topper.